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When a top congress comes to the political community in Berlin, the experienced planners always rely on trustworthy support partners. In 2019, the responsible event agency once again called in our motion design team to create an opening trailer for guests, government and NGO representatives from all over the world.

Illustration of Berlin
Trailer Still: Environmental Congress
Trailer Still: Sports
Trailer Still: Transport

The congress planners and the agency supplied the message and image concept. Our researchers located effective video material for each statement – from imaginative design studies found in all corners of the world to historical footage from Berlin located in the archives of German ZDF television.

Messages and pictures are one thing, meticulous timing is another. Our video editing and the specially composed soundtrack benefit from more than 15 years of experience in event design. Movement and sound dynamics are completely tailored to the widescreen presentation, the capacity building and the emotional moment.

Trailer Still: Heart Sun
Trailer Still: Technology
Trailer Still: Innovation

Echoes of art and science are required to create a representative and inspiring atmosphere. Our animation specialists bring diverging visual worlds together: people and technology open up new horizons, as imagined by Leonardo ...