Illustration – analog & digital

Sometimes words and even great photos don’t say it all. Important guidelines, complex overviews or descriptions need to be communicated at first glance with a myriad of information. In any such case the illustrators in the agency’s team are called into action!

Whether it’s minimialist icons, comic storys or a realistic panorama view – anything is possible and can be made attractive to the eye.

Illustration on PC screen
Schematic chart with illustrating icons
Schematic chart 2
Schematic chart 3

Illustrations enhance print or screen design, for easy-to-read manuals, brochures, striking posters, books or digital webinars – the art of drawing makes it possible to put any kind of complex content into pictures.

Illustrated user manual
Detaildarstellung für Montageleitfaden

Illustrations can make sure that the attention is focused on the important matters. In this training document, it means ensuring that the staff have all the details right when doing the practical work. 

Flow chart with standardized illustrating icons

Reality is always more complex than what can be communicated. Smart illustration concepts leave out what is not important. For these modular flow diagrams the designers created a library of product depictions. Now any flow concept can be quickly demonstrated with its own diagram. 

Depictions of people are great for the viewer to identify with. Illustrators can go beyond standard stock image solutions and create the right personalities for real adventures – even animated in videos!

Still life as introduction to food topic

There are moments when a depiction needs an injection of true, artful creativity. Customers enjoy the fresh view on their daily matters. Our designers love the challenge! 

2D or 3D? Why not use a combination of renderings and illustrations to make complex information easy to grasp?

3D illustration