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Social Media Campaigns

What are brands doing on Facebook, Instagram & other platforms? Not every meme or chat offer will work for every market. We create what will help our clients: Awareness and recognition for their B2B messages and qualified leads for their sales operations.

Social Media posts
Social Media messages

From the USP to the snappy headline: Our team develops the client's  messages from the given marketing strategy towards sophisticated claims and key visuals – all tailored to the respective channel and target group.

Post with GIF sequence
Post with static message

Message GIFs, animations and videos work as eyecatchers that will be noticed. Viewers react instinctively to motion, and this helps us to be seen. This is where Social Media have a world of advantages over static channels.

To plan efficient posts we develop extensive schedules and closely cooperate with hub service providers or internal channel managers on the client side.

Social Media timetable
Campaign visual on a smartphone
Campaign landing page

Everything comes together here: On the specially designed landing page, integrated into the client's website. Stories develop the themes addressed in the campaign. Information and activities are offered to intensify the customer journey. Special material is made available upon registration in order to generate qualified leads.