Frozen Finesse

Exhibition Graphics | GEA Germany

Modularity is a key message for GEA, the system provider, when it comes to presenting liquid and frozen process solutions on the leading Chillventa trade fair. The key visual: a monumental tangram game, made of virtual ice modules that can be reconfigured in seven ways to represent the seven areas of GEA refrigeration solutions.

Accompanying ideas for all fair presentations and booth activities include numerous program points, in this case e.g. live ice sculpting and frozen-in machines on display.

Grafikschema für Projekt Messeauftritt | GEA Germany
Einladungsmedien für Projekt Messeauftritt | GEA Germany

Effective teaser invitations and reminders? Going out digitally and via direct mailing. Sales offices worldwide are equipped with locally customizable templates.

Standmedien für Projekt Messeauftritt | GEA Germany

The graphics concept is tailored to the booth builders’ specifications, here with meeting point pillars for every application area and a giant “cold chain” info wall.

Faltplan für Projekt Messeauftritt | GEA Germany

As a guide for visitors and staff, a map and info folder as well as reception and catering materials complete the booth equipment.

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