Worth a thousand words

Campaign Key Visuals

Key visuals are there to catch the eye and project complex messages at first sight. Our clients make a stand with their topics. The right visual makes them unmistakeable. 

It’s a great way for known brands and institutions to add new facettes to their established image without changing the core message familiar to their audiences.  

I Love Craft Beer!

GEA Group

Conventions-defying young brewers are known for their free-wheeling style choices. With brick and neon optics and a twinkle, GEA offers its services as a compatible equipment provider.

Key Visual GEA Group | I Love Craft Beer!

Business Grows Here

NetSuite GermaNY

Business grows with NetSuite. That’s what the emerging provider of enterprise solutions promises ambitious entrepreneurs and startups. For the right image, our team focused on lucky contenders who have made their fortune.

Key Visual NetSuite Deutschland | Business Grows Here

Future At Work


Digital business communication networks are still unknown territorry for many employees, especially at long-established family companies. The key visual for Sennheiser advertises the upcoming change and indicates the expected possibilities. 

Key Visual Sennheiser | Future at Work

Discover the World of Food

GEA Germany

What if GEA wants to offer the same attractions to visitors at very different food technology exhibitions? The answer is a dynamic key visual that can be adapted to varying focus applications, starring multi-colored food basics in the three forms liquid, crystal and frozen.

Key Visual GEA Germany | Discover The World Of Food

Compliance – Performance – Efficiency

Mettler Toledo

Product and process security is a key requirement for every pharma manufacturing line. This key visual illustrates the product inspection technology to assure this and boost productivity. 

Key Visual Mettler-Toledo | Compliance – Performance – Efficiency

Let’s create your Success

GEA GeRmany

Something a little more spectacular is in order, when the world leading technology provider for liquid and frozen processes presents its portfolio at the leading Chillventa fair. The monumental frozen tangram game image was digitally designed in 2016 and is adaptable to seven application areas.

Key Visual GEA Germany | Let’s Create Your Success

We keep Moving Forward


New brand colors, but unchanged zeal: When traditional conveyor systems producer Siegling came into the fold of the world-leading Forbo brand, that promise was the important message to old and new customers. The attractive key visual made the message clear.

Key Visual Forbo-Siegling | Wir bleiben richtungsweisend

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