Social Recruiting  

Once upon a time, posting a new position meant one channel, one direction of communication. Today it means numerous platforms where employers need to show the right profile to reach and win coveted top applicants. 

Our Team has the experience and concept competence to get it right when it comes to designing social recruiting media: Projecting one look, but tailored to each placing. Standing out, but in a way compatible with the employer brand. Optimized for success, but also for efficiency. The playground for our design expertise covers Facebook posts, attractive enough to be shared by others, a convincing company profile on LinkedIn, no-glitch description of roles and procedures on StepStone, complementing info on the company website, and more. 

Overview of Social Media Icons | Social Recruiting
Recruiting ad on smartphone | Social Recruiting
Recruiting ad on website | Social Recruiting

We pull all registers to reach the best candidates for any role – worldwide. Social Media takes the place of the printed journal in this effort, but also of the office floor, local bar and town square. 

Posting on LinkedIn | Social Recruiting

Design options for our experts are in place on LinkedIn and StepStone to make the employer company stand out and keep top job seekers interested. 

Posting on Twitter | Social Recruiting

The agency team uses design competencies across all platforms to secure a perfect appearance – also in the speedy news flow on Twitter.